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Diaspora Investor

1: Inquiry of Helasabili Property.

  • Feedback: Type of investment (Long term or Short term) through the live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Whatsapp and the website (
  • Conversion: Further interaction to enable the client to select the desired project to fit the need.

2: Investment Catalog – Send brochures to clients indicating all projects on offer.

3: Plot Selection: Client selects the preferred project.

  • Subdivision Map: Send the subdivision map directly (from or check the updated map online from the project he has selected.
  • Site Visit: Send a representative to view on behalf, the client should provide contact to enable communication. We shall also take the client to view when he comes back to the country. (We conduct site visits free of charge).

4: Plot Availability: We shall confirm the availability of the selected plot(s) and Helasabili send the online booking form for the client to fill in an email back.

  • Due Diligence: We provide the client with a copy of the Title Deed and a copy of the Mutation. This will be used to conduct a search at Land registry through the contact in Kenya. (Our agent does it at a fee of Kshs. 500 only the search process takes one day.

5: Payment Process: The client will select terms of payment that is flexible and within their budget: we allow;

  • Cash– Payment of 50% of the Price and the balance can be paid between 3 (Three) to (Six) 6 Months
  • Payment and Receipts– Client makes his payment to the provided Bank Account. We shall issue the client with Helasabili official receipt in soft. (We file the hard copy receipts safely for the client)
  1. Client Documents: sends to us a copy of ID, copy of PIN and three passport size photos (Send the document via email)
  2. Legal Documents: These are the legal document that will enable the client to own the plot;
  • A sale agreement: We prepare the agreement witnessed by our lawyer and send the same as a soft copy.
  • Verification– The client will verify that he is in agreement with what has been stated.
  1. Completion Document: We prepare these documents upon completion of payment of the investment:
  • Application for consent to transfer (in triplicate) and Land transfer forms (in triplicate). We send them as soft copies with very clear indications of where to the client is required to sign.
  • Once client signs and sends hard copies of above documents via courier services.
  • These documents will be certified by the lawyer who will also attach a copy of the Lawyer Practicing Certificate as required by the Law Cap 300.
  • Legal fees for transfer and registration is 7% of the plot value at the point of Title Deed processing.
  1. Registration of the Title deed: We send all completed documents to Land Registry for title transfer and registration (it takes 30 days on submitting the documents to registrar)
  2. Title deed issuing: We shall send the soft copy of the title deed. The client will collect the Title deed from our office. We can also issue the title deed to an appointed person who will provide a signed authorization letter instructing us to do so. We avoid sending Title deed via courier services to avoid the risk of losing it.