“It is hard to argue that housing is not a fundamental human need. Decent, affordable housing should be a basic right for everybody in this country. The reason is simple: without stable shelter, everything else falls apart”: Matthew Desmond, Harvard sociologist.

In its broad sense, decent housing connotes housing that is inclusive of functioning infrastructure, clean and portable water, sanitation and waste management, energy as well as proximity to facilities such as markets, health centres, schools and security posts.

Decent housing is among the key planks captured by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Millennium Development Goals that are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

However, Shelter Afrique which is the only pan-African finance institution that exclusively supports the development of the housing and real estate sector in Africa, Kenya is among the countries with growing affordable housing deficits across the continent in excess of 2 million units.

The current shortfall in housing units stands at 400,000 units per annum; therefore, this presents an opportunity for developers and financiers to take advantage of this gap to reap good returns from construction of new units.

The urban population is deemed as “moderately able” for many of the town dwellers are either employed (approximately 58%) or run self-made businesses for good returns. This presents the target market for which we aim to reel in to sell these particular spectacular units.

A lot of benefits are going to accrue from the affordable housing programme, among them the creation of job opportunities to the youth, unlocking land for development and growing the mortgage finance market. Investors will also be encouraged to invest as government support gives them more assurance in putting their resources behind the low-cost housing projects.

One of the critical determinants of affordable housing is land and that is why at Helasabili, we strive to offer you affordable land and also payment plans